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 "Brings together many strands of wisdom in a simple way"

"Having been studying and searching many books and topics primarily relating to the Buddha-Dharma I am incredibly glad to have this book on hand whenever I have a lapse in mind as to where to start in my daily practice. Simple everyday wisdom delivered in an authentic way that also comes with a few profoundly simple practices of compassion. The beautiful intention to have this book find its way into the hands of the homeless and in need is also amazing as well. Thank you for blessing this and many other sentient beings."

  • "Filled with heart, help and healing energy!"

  • "Clarity and Compassion for wandering beings and the struggles we face everyday!"

 Nondual Wisdom

"The words flow off the pages and straight into my restless mind, quieting the incessant buzz that races around like a hummingbird. Simple beauty to help learn how to meditate in a chaotic world. I read this book aloud to my dying mother, and it gave her some momentary peace from her illness."
Body Of Infinite Simplicity: 
A Guide For Homeless Meditation Practitioners

"This book was written by one of my beloved students, my love and blessings flow through him to those unfortunate beings who are in need of so much help and guidance at this time." Tsori Dechen Rinpoche

A Liberating Hell: Revisiting Dante's Inferno with Amida-Buddha

"The reader joins Dante and Amida-Buddha as they set free all those that have been trapped in torment in Hell. These captives can now move on to the Buddhist Pure Land of Bliss and Happiness where they will become future Buddhas."

Stones to Shatter the Stainless Mirror:: The Fearless Teachings of Tilopa to Naropa

"This is a fantastic book, and a pleasure to read. The imagery is wonderful. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in walking with Tilopa and Naropa. I will likely re-read this throughout my life."

Falling Stars like Fireflies: Illuminate the Fields of Silence: a beautiful, spiritual apocalypse

"I felt the utter desolation and rebirth of our beautiful world. Clark captures the death of ego and vividly punches you in the gut with it. There is a depth of emotion in the poetry of this book that leaves me drained. It's hard to capture how it makes me feel."

Rebirth of Wisdom:
The Book of Transitions

"So much raw beauty in this book. Each chapter stands alone yet ties into the whole. Each stanza is almost like an individual haiku in its impact yet again, they are strung together like a necklace of jewels. Other sections remind me of some of the most profound lines from Buddhist or Daoist teachers, yet there is a wildness here. This is not the voice of a monastic, this is the raw ecstatic joy of a wild yogi. Think Rumi meets Whitman."

this new language
this new language:


"In Hinduism, cycles of time are called “Yugas”. In Buddhism, they are referred to as “Kalpas”. At the end of these cycles of time, great transitions take place on our planet. These transitions or “Attunements” were well-known and documented by people of various ancients cultures. Some of the wisest among these cultures, not only knew about them, but also predicted the outcome of many future “Attunements”. This book is about endings becoming new beginnings...and seeing life with spiritual eyes."

Beyond Perception:
The Eternal Play of Self

"This little book of non-dual poetry is probably not for everyone, but if you have been grappling with some of the profound truths as explained in the Eastern Wisdom Traditions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, this poem just may get you closer to the Finish Line. "To those who can bear this Teaching, Darkness is none other than Luminosity." The terrible and frightening images in this beautiful poetry are pretty hard to bear but...surrender...their is important Truth here."

"You are already a Buddha in the ultimate dimension, and you can become a Buddha in the historical dimension. Buddha nature, the nature of enlightenment and love, is already within you; all you need do is get in touch with it and manifest it." - Thich Nhat Hanh